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Research We investigate and develop theories, techniques and tools for modelling and analysing the behaviours of (concurrent) systems. Research focusses on process algebra, semantics, model checking, logics and satisfiability solving. Application areas include protocols, hardware designs, industrial control systems. Tools developed by the group include mCRL2 and MaDL. Read More…

Education We offer courses in Logic, Formal Methods, Model Checking and Automated Reasoning. We are always looking for enthusiastic people who are interested in a research project or thesis in our Master programme. Read More…

Kevin Jilissen joins FSA

Kevin Jilissen recently started working as a PhD student in our group. He will be investigating the use of Formal Methods to verify standards for critical infrastructures such as tunnels, in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat.

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Parallel Model Checking

The paper “Using the parallel ATerm library for parallel model checking”, by Groote, Jilissen, Laveaux, Spaendonck, and Willemse has been published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 13560, Springer. It describes how very substantial speedups …continue reading

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Paper presented at CONCUR 2022

The paper On the Axiomatisation of Branching Bisimulation Congruence over CCS by Luca Aceto, Valentina Castiglioni, Anna Ingólfsdóttir and Bas Luttik was presented at CONCUR 2022 on September 13, 2022. In the paper, which is …continue reading

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Farewell Event for Hans Zantema

On Friday 9 September, we had a farewell event for Hans Zantema, with presentations by Herman Geuvers, Jan Willem Klop, Jan Friso Groote, and Hans Zantema himself. The text of Hans’ presentation is available here.

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Tales of Electrologica

The book Tales of Electrologica. Computers, software and people, by Gerard Alberts and Jan Friso Groote is published in Springer’s History of Computing Series. It provides several accounts of the iconic X8 computer, built in …continue reading

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