Book: Tales of Electrologica is available.

This book describes the history of the most iconic computer ever developed in The Netherlands, the Electrologica X8. It contains a number of stories by the original contributers to the soft- and hardware of this machine. The editors are Gerard Alberts and Jan Friso Groote. Published by Springer in their History of Computing series.

Parallel Model Checking

The paper “Using the parallel ATerm library for parallel model checking”, by Groote, Jilissen, Laveaux, Spaendonck, and Willemse has been published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 13560, Springer. It describes how very substantial speedups of state space generation and model checking are attainable on multi-core computers.

Tales of Electrologica

The book Tales of Electrologica. Computers, software and people, by Gerard Alberts and Jan Friso Groote is published in Springer’s History of Computing Series. It provides several accounts of the iconic X8 computer, built in the Netherlands in the early 60′-ies by the company Electrologica.

Paper presented at SigSoft 2022

The paper Constructive Model Inference: Model Learning for Component-based Software Architectures by Bram Hooimeijer, Marc Geilen, Jan Friso Groote, Dennis Hendriks and Ramon Schiffeler has been presented at SigSoft 2022 in Lissabon, Portugal. The paper outlines how large scale software learning from logs is possible, generating pretty exact models for dozens of ASML software components …continue reading

Leo van Schooten graduated

On May 10, 2021 Leo van Schooten successfully defended his thesis on translating a DSL in use at Philips to specify and control X-ray capabilities to the language Dezyne, allowing for a less complex software generation process, and enabling the possibility to automatically verify correctness properties.