Best Artefact award at FORTE 2022

The software tool for analysing policies specified in XACML, which, under the hood, uses mCRL2, won the best Artefact award at FORTE. The tool is described in the paper ‘Process Algebra Can Save Lives: Static Analysis of XACML Access Control Policies using mCRL2’ by Hamed Arshad, Ross Horne, Christian Johansen, Olaf Owe and Tim Willemse.

Vacancy for Assistant Professor

The FSA group has a vacancy for an assistant professor (tenure-track/tenured) under the Irène Curie Fellowship programme, which offers a substantial start-up package. We are particularly keen on strengthening our expertise in automated reasoning, SAT solving and SMT solving, but also warmly welcome strong candidates with a different specialisation in Formal Methods. Note that the …continue reading

IPA Dissertation Award for Thomas Neele

Thomas Neele, who obtained his PhD under the supervision of Tim Willemse and Jan Friso Groote, won the award for the best dissertation of 2020 of the Dutch Research School IPA for his dissertation “Reductions for Parity Games and Model Checking”. In his thesis, Thomas explores symbolic techniques for simplifying and solving parameterised Boolean equation …continue reading

Paper on process decomposition accepted for ICE 2021

The paper Decomposing Monolithic Processes in a Process Algebra with Multi-actions by Maurice Laveaux and Tim Willemse was accepted for presentation at ICE 2021, a workshop co-located with DisCoTec 2021. The interactive style of reviewing employed by the ICE workshop was both interesting and a pleasurable experience.