Olav Bunte: An evaluation of the Spoofax language workbench in an industrial context

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Language workbenches have been developed to ease the implementation of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), which are used often in industry for better productivity and communication among engineers. However, only very little literature exists that evaluates the use of a language workbench for an industrial context. In a work in progress journal paper we do exactly this, specifically for the language workbench Spoofax. We use OIL, developed at Canon Production Printing, as the use case language that has been implemented in Spoofax over the past five years. In this presentation IĀ focus on the evaluation of Spoofax on two aspects: productivity (“How efficient is it to develop an industrial DSL with Spoofax compared to with a general purpose language?”) and modularity (“How modular can a language be implemented in Spoofax?”).