Yousra Hafidi: Modeling and Improved Verification of Reconfigurable Discrete Event Systems using R-TNCESs Formalism

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Reconfigurability is a concept that appeared recently in several areas including manufacturing, aerospace, medical, robotic, and telecommunication systems. This concept provides systems with an aspect of flexibility allowing them to easily adapt with their external environment during their working process.

Reconfiguration provides many advantages to various existing systems. However, by adopting such aspect, some issues can be confronted and deserve to be resolved. In this talk we will treat problems related to the modeling and the verification of reconfigurable systems using reconfigurable timed net condition/event systems (R-TNCES) formalism. R-TNCESs formalism is a modular extension of Petri nets enriched with conditions, events, time, and reconfiguration constraints.

This work was part of my PhD research works in collaboration with University of Tunis El Manar, Jinan University, and University of Mohamed Khider Biskra.