Events at MetaForum MF 13

Model-Driven (Software) Engineering (MDSE) is gaining popularity in industry. More and more companies acknowledge the benefits of using MDSE to develop their software components. A company that exploits model-driven software engineering is Canon Production Printing (Venlo, The Netherlands). At Canon Production Printing, the State Machine Modelling Tool (SMMT) was developed to enable the modelling of …continue reading

The topic of the thesis is find out whether the LS* learning algorithm, that can learn register automata with abstract data parameters from actual software is practically applicable in an industrial context. The algorithm can for instance learn a queue with limited size that stores arbitrary natural numbers. The conclusion is that indeed practical software …continue reading

Analytical Software Design (ASD) assists the creation of software systems. Systems designed in ASD are composed of multiple components in order to divide the complexity of the whole system over them. The verification of system properties and requirements is limited to the scope of single components, disallowing the verification of end-to-end properties. We present an …continue reading