New group member: Mark Bouwman

Mark Bouwman started as a PhD candidate on the FormaSig project in our group. The FormaSig project, led by Bas Luttik (TU/e) and Maarten van der Werff (ProRail), is a joint research project of DB Netze A.G., Eindhoven University of Technology, ProRail and the University of Twente, to advance the application of formal methods (in particular, formal verification and model-based testing) in railway signalling infrastructure standardisation processes. It is fully funded by DB Netze A.G. and ProRail and will employ two PhD candidates, one at Eindhoven University of Technology and one at the University of Twente. From the part of the University of Twente, Jaco van de Pol, Arend Rensink, and Marielle Stoelinga are involved in the project.