Mark Bouwman: A formalisation of SysML state machines in mCRL2

Event Details

My talk this Thursday will consist of three parts.

  1. (10 -15 min) I will practice my talk for FORTE, where I will present the paper “A formalisation of SysML state machines in mCRL2”. This paper reports on a formalisation of the semi-formal modelling language SysML in the formal language mCRL2. The formalisation focuses on a fragment of SysML used in the railway standardisation project EULYNX. It comprises the semantics of state machines, communication between objects via ports, and an action language called ASAL. It turns out that the generic execution model of SysML state machines can be elegantly specified using the rich data and process languages of mCRL2.
  2. (10 min) Feedback to improve the final talk
  3. (15 min) Report on the application of our automated translation on one of the EULYNX interfaces and efforts to reduce the state space.